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We typically practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 90 minutes between 7 and 9pm at Campbell Middle School (Atlanta Road, just North of 285 Atlanta Rd exit) from March through May.  We will have gym practices and track workout to emphasize speed, strength and conditioning.
In 2008 we will play the most competitive schedule possible.  We will travel to a few key tournaments out of state.  Do not let this intimidate you, we make it as easy as possible for our players in terms of transportation and cost.  Scholarships are available for travel. 
We will travel to a few cities within 2 hours of Atlanta. Cities like Birmingham, Columbus, Augusta and maybe Greenville or Chattanooga.  We will also travel to a couple major tournaments that are out of state.  LeBron James has a tournament in Ohio that we will enter and there is the Maryland Invitational that hosts excellent competition that we will likely enter.  Of course we will attend the AAU Division 1 National Championship as well which is in Hampton Virginia from July 10th - 17th.  We will have a team house for the players.
We have identified tournaments in Costa Rica and Hawaii.  We will begin planning this year to attend one of those tournaments next year in 2009.
We will suspend practice during the summer to play in a summer league that plays twice a week.  Players are free to travel with their family during mid to late June and early July.  We want everyone back to prepare for Nationals by mid July.
Over the summer we do not have as rigorous of a schedule.  We do not practice but we play in a summer league that plays twice a week.  We know that families will travel or have other activities and players are not required to attend every game.  However, players are required to attend Nationals.
Players can participate in other sports (like track or baseball) during the spring.  It is important to inform the coach before the season starts so that plans can be made accordingly.

Remember, the home team is always listed last.